What kind of equipment do you need?



All skaters in CanSkate in STAGE 5 or lower MUST wear CSA approved hockey helmets (no bike, riding, skiing helmets, etc).  No cage is required, however young skaters may benefit from the added protection. Skaters in STAGE 6 or higher may choose to continue to wear a helmet.

  • A hockey helmet should fit snug to prevent any shifting and maximize protection. Make sure the chinstrap can be adjusted so it gently makes contact under the chin when fastened.
  • For an adjustable helmet, open it to the largest setting and gradually begin to downsize the helmet until a comfortably snug fit is achieved. The helmet should rest on the head so that the rim is one finger width above the eyebrow and making contact with the top of your head.
  • Although most helmets are lined with protective foam, some helmets will feel better than others. Try on different brands of helmets for fit and comfort.
  • All CSA certified helmets have a sticker indicating their certification.



Leather, lace up hockey skates or figure skates are preferable to vinyl. Molded plastic skates with velco or buckle closures are not recommended.

Skates should fit like shoes, not too big and not too small. You want to be able to wear a pair of socks only (don’t wear multiples, it makes their feet colder faster). Find a brand that fits the length and width of their foot. The boot should not crease and laces should not be wrapped around the ankle.

It is not recommended to start your child in hockey skates if they wish to become a figure skater as they will find the transition harder. They will be used to skating without a toe pick and may find it hard to switch over.


Heavy clothing (snow suits and winter coats) are not needed. Skaters will be moving the whole time and working hard. Tight fitting stetchy clothes that are layered are best.  

For those learning, waterproof shell pants overtop of clothing may be beneficial to keep dry from frequent falling. Gloves or mits are also required.


Hair should be tied back or put up. It is very important that hair be away from the face. If you are in a hurry, it is fine to quickly put your skaters hair in a ponytail. If their hair is very long, you may want to braid their hair or put it in a bun so that a long ponytail doesn’t distract your skater as they spin and jump.

Power Skating Only

All skaters are to wear full hockey gear without their stick.